Monday, September 24, 2007

a meaningless journey

absurdity claims us all captive...i am inclined to possess these obscure thoughts. they produce a longing deep within for a journey... i will guardedly enter my car and start driving. to nowhere. to everywhere. to my distant past that haunts me. my close confidantes will accompany me...bright eyes, ane brun, azure my car. my music. my God.
900 E Broadway Avenue Bismarck, ND
3242 Crocus Avenue Bismarck, ND
4500 Duxhall Drive Lincoln, NE4
740 S 45th Street Lincoln, NE
2500 S. 17th Street Lincoln, NE
1380 Eternity Lane Shell Knob, MO
1650 Lake Street Lincoln, NE
1100 N. 56th Street Lincoln, NE
5201 Vine Street Lincoln, NE
12550 Zuni Street Westminster, CO
75670 Road 417 Cozad, NE
501 N 34th Street Bismarck, ND
1500 Edwards Ave 204A Bismarck, ND
1111 Main Street Wayne, NE
5010 Fir Hollow Lane Lincoln, NE
my journey will be completed. only to come to realize, it was absent of purpose. void of meaning.what have i come to a deeper understanding of? the fact that these are merely locations? buildings? places where my toxic tears were shed but have long since dried up? i am no longer there.the people i knew at those places cease to exist. they are nowhere to be found.i have no right to be there.unwanted. displaced. my being meanders on this journey that should never have been taken. i was body existed in a previous time at those locations, those buildings.i am not there. the time is now. today is a new day. full of beauty.and life. i will live in it.+++they exist but not really...not the way i remember it, therefore it does not exist and my mind is clear, coherent. free to live in the now.+++

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