Friday, October 5, 2007

he mends my calloused heart.

These unnamed, immemorial feelings drive me to a state of complacency , they penetrate my dismantling heart which lacks any remnant of warmth. It is the pure embodiment of anesthesized discarded thought. These continuous bullets inserted renders me detached, elusive…firmly etched in my memory but yet lacking visibility all the same. The sheer weight of this squalor is seemingly unavoidable and will not subside. I infuse admirable qualities into my exterior but my interior is black, empty, a never ending abyss. The timidity I display is sheer cowardice….why must I be so fearful of that which God made me to be?
Restore me, Lord. Let not my heart be blinded by the darkness that inhabits my surroundings.
I put to death these things.
There is no life in them.
I peer out from the depths
And find life. Joy. Love.
I am alive.
I am redeemed.

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