Monday, May 21, 2007

euphoria is mine.

these cold, dark places they always seem to find me. caught in a web of maddening isolation, disillusioned by the life they continue to offer. these cravings buried deep within cease to leave my downtrodden soul. trapped. trapped in the desolateness of my being.

i am a child, pulling on mama's skirt.

i am an adult. put on the skirt. get ready for work. put that glorious fake smile on. no one has to know... the silence annihilates us all. captivate me by your ability to resist the deafening silence. your intense, approach to this thing called life which i so desperately desire. jealously enters. forgive me, Father.

where are you, friend? you knew me when no one else would. you are familiar with every line on my face. you listened to my faults and stories without disregard. those repelling things which would no doubt provide a cringe throughout the body to the rest of humanity....

Father, calm my heart. speak those gentle, loving words that rocks back to sleep what has been so rudely awakened.

euphoria is mine...

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